Rewarding Excellence in the UK Recycling & Waste Management Sector

As a leading business payment provider in the UK recycling and waste management industry, Bread4Scrap was excited to partner with the sector at this year’s Awards.

Revolutionising Scrap Metal Payments: Introducing Bread4Scrap

Explore how B4B Payments Bread4Scrap solution can offer a modern, compliant, and efficient payment method for scrap metal transactions.

Scrapco Metal Recycling case study

Bread4Scrap simplifies and streamlines the scrap payment process for Scrapco with a secure and reliable solution.

Chase Metal Recycling case study

One of Bread4Scrap’s longest-standing clients, Chase Metal Recycling use prepaid cards for scrap metal payments.

Why Brits still don’t know how to recycle

Recycling will always be a tough job. If you cut back on these small and easily-amended habits, you can contribute to a great cause.

The growth of the metal waste industry

The metal waste and recycling market is estimated to increase at a CAGR of 2.9% by 2025, hitting figures of up to £340,600 million.

How Covid-19 is affecting the scrap metal shredder market

With the coronavirus pandemic affecting all aspects of the UK economy, the metal shredder market is no exception.