Why Brits still don’t know how to recycle

Recycling goals are difficult, but many of the issues are extremely easy to overcome. For the UK, there are two significant problems that stand in our way: a lack of education and being too stuck in our ways.

The growth of metal waste industry and what to expect by 2024

The metal waste and recycling sector is showing impressive growth rates by 2024. This report utilises a detailed study of the industry and its movements.

Bread4 Scrap Case Study: Chase Metal Recycling

How one of Bread4Scrap’s longest-standing clients, Chase Metal Recycling use prepaid cards for scrap metal payments. Chase Metal Recycling one of the Midlands leading scrap metal recyclers, established 13 years ago, became a client of Bread4Scrap back in 2013, and haven’t looked back since. The company are very happy with their prepaid card system and…

How Covid-19 is affecting the scrap metal shredder market

With the coronavirus pandemic affecting all aspects of the UK economy, the metal shredder market is no exception. With trade changing across a multitude of countries, the recycling market is near the top of the list of those to be affected. As the scrap market’s functionality is dependent on the prices of metal, a country’s…